Ride Day 6 – Rosedale, MS ~ Exponential Southern Hospitality

Jun 19
Rosedale, MS Exponential Southern Hospitality ~ Ride Day 6 @SuepyRidez

The hospitality of the people in the towns in Mississippi have continued to amaze and go beyond ALL expectations in the folks making accommodations for the Youth Cyclists.

Trite expressions only touch the surface of the outpouring of generosity given by this small town in northern Mississippi. I don’t know enough about the town to say that they have very little. What they do have are large hearts and kind words and what they did have they gave willingly and happily. From the warm heart of Officer Stephanie Hunter, who was our first contact to Mayor Carey Estes who called in favors of friends to make the carpet they laid before us candy apple red.

Mayor Estes believes that treating people with respect and dignity regardless of race and social stature should be the utmost tenet to which people should aspire to. And he lived and breathed that message.

We were referred to the town of Rosedale by David Staple who lives and works in Benoit, MS (Been Noyt). He and other gentlemen were offering suggestions as to where we might find shelter for the night since the state park in Rosedale was closed due to flooding. Of he gentlemen standing offering suggestions there was also Harry, who works with David and Nelson. Nelson offered his aunt’s retreat home which was our best bet but she was out of town on family business. That’s how we ended up in beautiful Rosedale.

Carey Estes is the mayor of an 82% Black, 12% White and 6% Other town of northern Mississippi. He has been re-elected several times over the course of his 10 year tenure as town mayor. He does right by the people of his town and is tireless in his serving. He gets about 6 hours of sleep per night on average and sometimes less if someone needs him in the middle of the night because they’re locked out of their house or car or semi truck. Cary opened his home and his dearly departed family’s home so that we could shower off the road grime.

Through Carey’s contacts we were able to stay at the Rosedale Country Club, owned by Mrs. Willie B. Taylor. The ONLY country club in Mississippi owned by a black woman. We met Roderick, the very experienced and exceptional chef of the country club, specifically brought in by Mrs. Taylor to run the very nice restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner there that night.

Rosedale has left a permanent and happy mark on mine and the other’s hearts. We are so ever grateful for their love and overflowing hospitality.


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