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Fernando ~ The Day After the 4th Jul 5 MRVT 2013

Today is July 5th, so obviously we were out all day yesterday celebrating this great country’s Independence Day. That was probably one of the best 4th of July’s I have ever had because St. Louis was crowded with people and there were so many things to do. There was a parade in the morning that […]

Ride Day 6 – Rosedale, MS ~ Exponential Southern Hospitality

Jun 19 Rosedale, MS Exponential Southern Hospitality ~ Ride Day 6 @SuepyRidez The hospitality of the people in the towns in Mississippi have continued to amaze and go beyond ALL expectations in the folks making accommodations for the Youth Cyclists. Trite expressions only touch the surface of the outpouring of generosity given by this small […]