The Watershed Tour

A Spoke'n Revolutions Youth Cycling Tour
6 Donors
182 Days Left

Where does your water go?

This summer the youth of Spoke’n Revolutions will complete the ultimate circle by leaving their front door by bike and returning home by bike. For the first time we’ll explore the rich history of the watershed of Raleigh, North Carolina all the way to the coast and back.

Help us create an environment where youth become empowered to be the best version of themselves.

We’re always in need of great leaders. At Triangle Bikeworks we’re focused on developing future leaders who are confident, competent and focused on a better community. 






Your donation allows youth to have bike adventures that increase their confidence, develop skills, and provide opportunities for self-discovery.

Every dollar you give directly supports a youth. Each dollar is a mile on the tour.

In fact, a

  • $36 gift will feed a teen on tour for a whole day
  • $62 gift will cover all expenses for the day
  • $100 gift can do all the above and also pay for bike readiness and repair costs
  • $350 magic! You’ve gotten them to the tour destination. Can you find a friend to get them back home?

Don’t want to Give online? Just select “Mail a Check” on the donation form.

What’s in your garage?!! Check here to see if you have something we could use that you’re not.

The Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative (UNCWI) is a partnership effort to prioritize and protect those lands most critical for the long-term safety and health of all drinking water supplies for the communities in the Upper Neuse River Basin. In addition to providing our community with clean water, land in this region is also known for working farmland and the gorgeous rolling beauty of the surrounding countryside.