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Triangle Bikeworks runs the best youth cycling programs in North Carolina
Spoke’n Revolutions Summer Bike Touring

The program that started it all –
Bike touring, camping, leadership, adventure.
High school teens.

2016 Underground Railroad Tour
June 18-July2

TYMBR Wolves Cyclocross

Cross is here!… are you ready?? Bicycle racing on an off-road course, with a little mud thrown in.
Middle & High school youth

TYMBR Wolves Mountain Biking

North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League
Middle & High School youth mountain bike racing in North Carolina.
Coaches needed now.

Teams forming October 2016.

Bikes & Barnyards Summer BikeCamp

All forms of cycling, sustainability, outdoor fun = a great summer in the Triangle.
Middle & High School youth.

Since 2010 we have been empowering youth to discover more about themselves over the course of a summer than they would have all year. Self-reliance, self-discovery, independence, and confidence in their ability to “make it” is what happens through their engagement in our cycling programs.

You can make a difference in the improvement of the lives of Triangle Youth by choosing to give now.


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Where the Money Goes

Mission: To leverage all the benefits of cycling to support and improve the lives of youth and teens in the Triangle region.
Serving youth in our community

The bicycle is truly an amazing creation. Besides your feet, it was your first step toward independence and freedom. It allowed you to go quickly go to distant places (around the block) and get back before the street lights came on. You were definitely in control. A bike meant freedom then and means freedom now.

Since 2010, Triangle Bikeworks (a 501c3 non-profit) has continuously run and expanded programming to support youth through cycling. Our mission is to leverage all the benefits of cycling with an end goal of developing young adults who have a lifelong desire for physical outdoor activities both on and off the bicycle.

This community organization is an extension of you. As our primary stakeholder here are the percentages of our yearly expenses in providing quality programs and enrichment.

While we grow and serve more youth we want you to continue being a part of our evolution to establish healthy lifestyles for teens. Click the link here and contribute the cost of a lunch or dinner for two and help us bring good kids to bikes.

  • Youth Programming - The bread to your butter

    The expenses of Spoke'n Revolutions Youth Cycling, Summer Bike Camp, Youth Cyclocross and Youth Mechanic Classes are rolled up into this number.

  • Facilities and Equipment - Where we make plans to take over the world (Triangle)

    Running the backend of a youth organization requires a great deal of infrastructure. Included in this category is rent, storage and vehicle maintenance costs.

  • Insurance - Because you gotta be prepared

    What can I say? It's a necessary item. It's as important to have as bicycles to a bike organization.

  • Contract Services - Because we have no staff

    We run on the fuel of volunteers. But sometimes the job is so tough we have to call in the specialists. This is where we contract out. Specifically, for SAG Vehicle drivers and bike mechanic work. Truly necessary for our survival.

Every summer, I get dozens of emails and phone calls pitching stories about someone doing a cross-country bike trip. And though most are related to charity, not every adventure is special enough, in my opinion, to interest readers. But when the East Coast Greenway Alliance contacted me about the Gullah Geechee Youth Bike Tour, it caught my attention.
David Quick
Click to above read article
For the next two weeks a pair of youth bicyclists organizations will tour the National Park Service Gullah Geechee Heritage Corridor that stretches from Wilmington to Jacksonville, Fla.
A team of youth cyclists are stopping in Charleston to pay respects to the victims of the Mother Emanuel church shooting as part of their two-week ride over 700 miles on a Path to Freedom Tour. They plan to arrive around 3 p.m.
Drive through any neighborhood during the summertime and you’ll see plenty of youth riding bikes, chatting with friends or racing.

Our Leadership Team

Director & Board Members
Founder, Executive Director

When asked, my closest friends all say that I’m a great guy who’s good at listening, strategy and organizing. My driving force is seeking change and helping people become better.

Ree Ree
Ree Ree
Youth Board Member
Born in Ratchaburi, Thailand and now making headlines and fans at Chapel Hill High. Of strong mind and character she’s guiding the principles of Triangle Bikeworks.
Youth Board Member and Youth Coordinator
Team Captain is her title because “right arm” (wo)man just doesn’t sound right as a title. Joanna has dedicated herself to Triangle Bikeworks since her first tour. She informs youth of the actions of the board and is a very strong contributor.
Abeo Hicks
Abeo Hicks
Youth Board Member
Other board members
Other board members

Susan Helm-Murtagh
retired -BCBS of NC

Carol Wentworth
SVP Marketing, Performance, Inc

Brendan Heitz



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